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MOOCs for Professional Business Translators

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By Maeva Cifuentes

All professional translators should be dedicated to continuous professional development (CPD). Information is constantly being produced and we act as agents to international (often digital) communication. As such, we have to be up-to-date on the changing aspects of our sector, new writing styles ,and novel technologies. An advantage of globalization is facilitated access to learning – enough to provide you with a thorough curriculum to self-specialize in your subject. Self-specializing can be a reality for highly motivated professionals.

Clients need professionals who understand not only the translation profession but the clients’ industry itself. They need a professional they can trust, who will employ the appropriate language and terminology. Not only should you understand the nuances of translation, but you should write stylishly and fluently, as if you were fully integrated into your client’s industry. It doesn’t hurt to be able to make corrections or suggestions to source texts either! A great professional translator should aim to understand their industry of specialization as well or better than their own client.

Don’t have the time to get another graduate degree in your specialization? Let me introduce you to the MOOC, if you haven’t met already. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, and it’s the translator’s new best friend. MOOCs are (usually) free online courses taught by researchers and professors from universities around the world. Topics range from business, law, mathematics, science, and even self-development and relationships! You can literally find a free course on anything. I am always taking at least one business or law course to keep up with my clients’ demands. Below is a list of upcoming MOOCs for business translators:

These are just a few out of many. I often have trouble just selecting one at a time, they all look so interesting. If you take any, let me know how they are!

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