Cifuentes Translations
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Expertly crafted English, French, was and Spanish, for legal and business documents and creative marketing texts.

Whether you are a start-up or an international lawyer, our unique combination of skills and cultures ensure that we get the best out of your material and demand your audience’s attention.

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The close-knit approach

Our family values also apply to our work and our relationship with you.
We work closely with our clients in order to better understand their
needs and be able to anticipate them in the future.

Commitment to quality

We each translate exclusively into our native or dominant language: the
language in which we express ourselves with the most style and
precision. We are trained in translation and only translate in subject areas that we know. To us, translation is more than changing words. A good translator has to have excellent writing, polished research skills, an aptitude for
technology and a fine-tuned understanding of the principles of

We don’t accept jobs unless we know we can do it perfectly at every level: language, style, subject, terminology, and cultural appropriateness.

Translating your content for another audience is presenting your image
to another country or culture. It takes time, effort and investment to get it right.

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Our unique skill set is not limited to precise, stylish translations. We also support our clients with high-quality editing and proofreading services for internal and published material.


There are several different styles of editing that we can help you with.

Our services include:

Bilingual editing - revising the translation while comparing it to the original content

Heavy editing – delving deep into the text to improve the structure and style

Editing non-native content – ensuring natural writing style in the target language

Terminological research and revision – harmonizing terminology for consistent usage

Whether you are presenting a report to your sponsors or publishing your latest research, we are here to make sure that your audience gets the message.


If your content needs a final check for grammatical issues, syntax or spelling, this is the best option for you. This is not a deep edit. That means it will highlight but not correct terminology and style. Proofreading is primarily carried out on monolingual texts.

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What are websites for?

We like to think it’s to turn visits into real customers. Your brand deserves to emanate professionalism from all sides.

Because we know that compelling copy draws 8 times more traffic to your website. Good writing drives sales and builds brands.

People have short attention spans. Writing concise, attention-grabbing copy is a talent that not everyone has. We can help.

Our team is trained in conversion, SEO and blog writing, and we can create your content from scratch

Whether you need your next ebook ghostwritten, blog posts for your company’s websites, or your product information revamped, we’re here to do it with style.

We’ll research your audience so we know exactly how to steal their attention.

We provide accurate, in-depth research and statistics to give your copy the credibility it deserves.

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