Cifuentes Translations
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Take a look at the types of texts we regularly translate.

Legal Translation

We provide legal translation that doesn't look like a translation. We consider the nuances and risks of translating between different legal systems. Our legal language is clear and free of 'legalese' with all of the legal import.

Litigation translation

Contract translation

Estate law translation

Corporate law translation

Commercial law translation

Environmental law translation

Legislation translation

Family law translation

International law translation

Legal correspondence translation

Articles of association translation

Employment contract translation

Statutory regulation translation

Humanitarian law translation

Latest projects:

words of depositions regarding a Fortune 500 company lawsuit from Spanish to English
words of Spanish crowdfunding legislation from Spanish to English
word business paper reviewing corporate practices considering US environmental law (editing in English)
words of an exclusive distribution contract from French to English

Business translation

The world of business is moving ever faster. With a team based across different time zones in the US and Europe, we are always ready to respond and help you close that deal.

Employment manual translation

Training program translation

Company policy translation

Business correspondence translation

HR translation

Business email translation

Memorandum translation

Code of conduct translation

Business document translation

Performance review translation

Trading policy translation

Terms of employment translation

Latest projects:

word press release for logistics and supply chain company from Spanish to English
words for a fashion magazine article on the history of a shoe designer from Spanish to English
words across four articles on the development of financial technology from French to English, including interviews with CEOs from two Fortune 500 companies.
words of Insider Magazine for a Fortune 500 company specializing in small leather goods and designer clothes from English into French
words on travel programs for a Fortune 500 corporate travel management solutions company from English into French

Marketing translation

Marketing to international markets requires emotional and persuasive copy that push the wrong cultural buttons. Americans like to be flashy while the French prefer a more subtle approach. We make sure your marketing translation has the impact it should.

Website translation

Website localization

Content creation



Blog writing

Slogan translation

SEO writing

Ecommerce translation

Social media management translation

Newsletter translation

Email marketing translation

Latest projects:

words new website copy for a logistics company
hours working on social media profile for sound design company
words for ghostwritten English blog post for tourism article in Barcelona
word website transcreation from French into English for a Belgian sauce company
Spanish to English translation of an auditing firm’s website copy