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Cifuentes Translations is a family alliance of three freelance translators with over 30 years of combined experience and diverse cultural backgrounds.
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Being a family team has a whole raft of client benefits:
We are a tight-knit team with the perfect skills and experience to complement each other
We are always in contact with one another, so communication will never be an issue!
We work across different time zones, so we’re always there for you when you need us

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Maéva Cifuentes

Maéva was born in the US and grew up in a multilingual, multicultural household. Before speaking what she now considers her native language, she spoke both French and Spanish as a child. While still studying for her bachelor’s degree in California, she took an interest in her parents’ translations and began translating as a hobby. She quickly realized her deftness with languages and advanced writing skills made her an excellent translator. She moved to France at the beginning of 2012, obtained her MA in Legal and Business Translation from Middlesex University in London in 2014, and has been living in Barcelona, Spain, and running her business ever since.

Professional Memberships:

Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya (APTIC)

Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET)

M.A. in Business and Legal Translation from Middlesex University, London

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Henry in a nutshell:

Always reading, learning and seeking out new knowledge

11+ years of professional translation experience

Learned French to marry his wife, Soizic (scroll down to meet her!)

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Henry Cifuentes

Henry was born in Colombia, but moved to California as a young man, where he has lived for most of his adult life. He put his heart and soul into learning French to be with the love of his life, making him fluent in 3 languages.  He is an avid reader in multiple languages and is in love with learning. As an experienced businessman, he started out in the Medical Language Center in Riverside, California, as an interpreter. He enjoyed the experience so much that soon after, he decided to dive into the translation business. Just over eleven years ago, he started his translation career working with patient-reported outcome documents and recruiting subjects for linguistic validation processes, and he now enjoys working with clinical, business and legal texts.

Soizic Cifuentes

Of Breton origin, Soizic was born in Paris and has worked as a translator for over thirteen years. She was fascinated by words at an early age and wrote original plays that she produced in Paris. Later on, she moved to the United States, where she settled down and raised her three children.

Some years later, translation came naturally to her through practicing English, her admiration for the language and her passion for words. After obtaining her translation degree from the University of Manitoba, she soon began to specialize in international development and public health, giving her a chance to contribute to the issues that are most important to her.

Parallel to her translation career, Soizic regularly practices and teaches yoga, for which she is certified by the Śraddhā School of Yoga, which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

Soizic at a glance:

13+ years as a professional translator

Dedicated to international development and public health

Outside the office: yogini and yoga instructor

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Company promise:

When you work with Cifuentes Translations, you don’t get a rapid, quick fix translation or corporate speak. You get well-researched, thought-out, professional content and a personal approach. We’re not interested in providing a cheap, fast service and our clients aren’t looking for one. We’ll take the time to get you know you and understand your needs so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. We are committed to delivering maximum quality and, ultimately, perfection.

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J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Soizic et Maeva pour traduire, d’anglais en français et vice versa, des documents juridiques complexes dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies. Elles sont toutes les deux extraordinairement professionnelles et rigoureuses sur le moindre détail et surtout très réactives ce qui est une qualité inappréciable pour un avocat lui-même tenu à des délais très serrés. Je recommande vivement leurs services à tous ceux qui ont besoin de traducteurs de confiance.

Katia Duhamel, Attorney, Legal & Regulatory Telecom Expert, K Duhamel Consulting SAS

I had the pleasure of working with Maeva over the last few months for the translation of a book into English. She was a pleasure to work with: highly professional, a prompt communicator, and an excellent linguist who clearly knows how to do her job. She was extraordinarily thorough, researching details and going back and forth with the author of the book until everything was perfect and everyone was happy. She stayed involved from A-Z. We are very content with her final translation and I will definitely contact her again for future into-English translations.

Rolf Ritter, Entrepreneur, CEO, Consultant, MBA Lecturer, Author

Maeva did an excellent proofreading of my new book “Lexicography in Action” that contains complex linguistic terminology and deals with a highly specialised topic. She provided me with very clear, precise and concise suggestions that were easy to implement. She had delivered the work before the deadline and showed great professionalism and dedication. Throughout the process of the proofreading she sent me useful updates on the progress. I definitely recommend her without hesitation and I am definitely going to work with her again!

Monica Zhekov, author of "Lexicography in Action"

Cifuentes Translations assisted us with improving and updating our instructions for use in 3 languages. We had very specific requirements on the language used and writing/communication style, which had to be reflected consistently and meaningful in all the languages. They did a super job and went a lot further in understanding the language style and requirements than any other translation services we've used before and the outcome was great. Apart from the working style, they were also very efficient and responsive throughout the task. We highly recommend them!

Julie Weigaard Kjær, CEO, Ruby Cup,

I contacted Maeva because I needed someone with transcreating & copywriting skills to create my website. And I couldn't be happier. She did a very professional and accurate job in a timely manner. I 100% recommend her and she will definitely be my first choice for my future copywriting needs.

Mercedes Alonso Negre

He contactado con Maeva para un encargo bastante difícil, que requería precisión y creatividad al mismo tiempo. Ha hecho un trabajo excelente y a todo el equipo le han encantado sus propuestas. Sin duda, volveré a contar con ella la próxima vez que me encarguen traducciones al inglés.

Natalia Montoro,

Une fois mon dossier de master constitué, j'ai fait appel aux compétences de traduction de Maeva. En plus d'une correction rapide de ma lettre de motivation, j'ai pût bénéficier de ses précieux commentaires -qui se sont avérés toujours très pertinents. Cerise sur le gâteau: j'ai été accepté pour mes futures études. Je recommande donc vivement !


Maeva's fast responses were fantastic, so I always knew she was into things and made waiting easy. Maeva made me feel relaxed and feeling like someone is taking good care of my matters and they are in good hands. I would say I know a translator who can translate any language since she seems to have a great network, which responds fast!

Nicola Mesken, Photographer (Allez le Tour!)

It has been a pleasure to work with Maeva. She tries to understand what the customer wants so she can help in the best way. My website is oriented to people who like mountain trips and there are some specific definitions and word expressions. And Maeva was very helpful with finding the right way to communicate the product and the service for the website visitors. Very professional. I will definitely hire her again.

Ulpan Rinat

I like that we know Maeva personally, that we know she offers quality, and is available. Great translator, good contact to have, organizer, leader.

Paul Elwood, Language Resource Guru, The Language Department

Una gestión dinámica, un equipo cercano y accesible, con un resultado por encima de nuestras expectativas, sin duda contaremos con ellos en el futuro, muchas gracias.

Ramute Lukstaite, Business Development & Marketing Manager, MONLEXHISPAJURIS

My main concern was to convey and adapt my content to Spanish market and audience. My favourite part about working with CT was their efficient communication and prompt replies to my requests. Maeva translated my texts from English to Spanish. She immediately understood the aim of my translation and replied promptly to all my enquiries and requests. I would definitely recommend her since she did an incredibly good job: she translated my texts adapting them to a specific market and audience. Should you need a reliable and skillful English to Spanish translator, Maeva is the right person for the job!

Lorena Santonocito, Professional Translator

“We sometimes aim to develop our external resources, looking for translators specialized in either legal or financial translations, or even in corporate communications. As we noticed CT was specialized in legal affairs and business, we tested them….and they did very well! So much so that we decided to start co-operating with them. Up to now, we have mainly assigned CT translation projects related to corporate communications and press releases for one of our major French clients, whose headquarters are now in the US. We selected them for this project because we don’t just need a mere translation into English, but we need the English target text to look as if it had been written directly in English. It has to be fluent and well written, and CT can do this really well. And they are reactive. CT are used to meeting our requirements. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with CT or not, we would say: don’t hesitate!”

Julien Demarty, Managing Partner, Over the Word

“Maeva is an excellent translator. We have been working with her for the past [three] years and have been receiving excellent quality work. We highly recommend Maeva.”

Dimitra Hengen, Alpha Omega Translations

“Soizic is very professional and a pleasure to work with. We will definitely continue to use her services!”

Danielle Shavell

“Henry Cifuentes is very committed and dedicated translator - take care of your translators - one never knows what lies beneath the surface.”

Jodi Castro
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We are a multi-cultural family with roots in the United States, France and Colombia and over three decades of combined translation experience. This unique combination and experience of various cultures, languages and subject matters allow us to provide our valued clients with high-quality, culture and subject-specific language services.