Cifuentes Translations
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Take a look at the types of texts we regularly translate.

Clinical research

From trials forms to other vital documentation, we have many years of experience in this sector. As a family team, we recognize the importance of this research and are proud to support it and you through our work.

Clinical trial protocols

Informed consent forms

Patient information brochures

Patient and physician questionnaires

Technical brochure

Market authorization

Operational manual

Product notices

Investigator’s brochure

Summary of Product Characteristics

Medical reports

Congress reports

Case report forms

Latest projects:

words from English to Spanish on advanced refractory solid tumors
words of a medical report on Crohn’s disease from English to Spanish
words from English into French for a questionnaire regarding the management of glaucoma and ocular hypertension for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company for market research purposes
words of several patients’ leaflets on immuno-oncology therapies produced by an Expert Group on Immuno-Oncology from English into French

Legal affairs

As legal specialists, we know how important a turn of phrase can be in a vital case or difficult situation. Rest assured that our close-knit team will ensure maximum accuracy and effectiveness to ensure the right result for you and your clients.


Agreements and contracts


Insurance claims


Environmental law

General sales conditions

Legal regulations

Minutes of meetings

Legal correspondence

Civil status documents

Employment contracts


International laws on human rights

Latest projects:

words of depositions regarding a Fortune 500 company lawsuit from Spanish to English
words of Spanish crowdfunding legislation from Spanish to English
word business paper reviewing corporate practices considering US environmental law (editing in English)
words of an exclusive distribution contract from French to English


The world of business is moving ever faster. With a team based across different time zones in the US and Europe, we are always ready to respond and help you close that deal.

Employment manuals

Training programs and professional development

Company policies

Business correspondence

HR documentation

Professional guidelines


Codes of conduct

Work ethics

Performance reviews

Insider Trading Policies

Foreign corrupt practices policies

Latest projects:

word press release for logistics and supply chain company from Spanish to English
words for a fashion magazine article on the history of a shoe designer from Spanish to English
words across four articles on the development of financial technology from French to English, including interviews with CEOs from two Fortune 500 companies.
words of Insider Magazine for a Fortune 500 company specializing in small leather goods and designer clothes from English into French
words on travel programs for a Fortune 500 corporate travel management solutions company from English into French

International development

We work with a number of NGOs on their international communications and reports. The work you do is close to our hearts, and we will work tirelessly to raise awareness for your organization.

Global conferences

Information campaigns

Press releases

Documents for gender equality and women’s empowerment

Reports on global nutrition

Reports on sustainable development

Reports on infectious diseases

Health indicators in Africa

Collective agreements on the trade sector in African countries

Health Compendium case studies to assist USAID

Latest projects:

word report on preventing and treating Zika in Guatemala from Spanish to English
words on strengthening technical platforms for health referrals in Haiti from French to English
words regarding a Review on Development Effectiveness of the African Development Bank (AfDB) from English to French
words on an education-related technical report for Togo from English to French